To Do-List

C³ is far from complete. The following features are planned, requested, nice to have, or simply wishful thinking.

The symbol in the Status column indicates the level of development on the feature in the current version of C³: − means it has not yet been implemented but is on the drawing board, ± indicates it is being worked on but is not completely functional yet, and ? means this is an idea which may or may not be added.

Include effects of MASC, TSM, etc. − When a ’Mech has MASC, triple strength myomers or something similar, the effects of this should be shown in the window.
Incorporate different configurations into save files − Different configurations of OmniMechs could be saved with the basic ’Mech, obviating the need for separate files for each.
Allow multiple copies of the same ’Mech − Currently, each ’Mech (or rather: save file) can only be opened once; being able to open multiple copies of the same file is almost a requirement.
Implement Do not show this message again for import notice − After importing a Solaris Skunk Werks or MegaMek file, a notice is displayed that the user should check the results before a game; this should get a check box to suppress this message in future.
Add advanced rules and equipment − The record sheets should take into account the advanced rules and equipment from Tactical Operations.
Use sheets for warnings − Windows with warnings etc. should be attached as a sheet to the window they apply to.
This currently does not work because attempts to do this resulted in the program becominge ntirely unresponsive from the moment a button on the sheet was clicked. Once this has been solved, progress will be made.
Import Solaris Skunk Werks files ± This works for the most part, although some items cannot be imported yet, such as weapons split over two hit locations (though there is a sort-of fix for this).
Import MegaMek files ± As with Solaris Skunk Werks, the import works but is not 100% complete yet.
Incorporate MP reductions into displayed MPs − When the ’Mech's MP is reduced by heat or damage, this should be incorporated into the MPs shown.
Make inventory sortable − The weapons and equipment inventory should be sortable by each column.
Finish the help file ± A partial help file is present, but it is nowhere near finished.
Automatically check for updates − The application should be able to notify the user when a new version is available.
Add preferences window − Although there are currently not many things that would benefit from being able to set user preferences, there are a few. This depends on figuring out how to open files from different nib files, and having changes made in one window affect the others.
Calculate Battle Values automatically ? It might be useful if C³ were to calculate the Battle Value(s) for the ’Mech as entered on the record sheet.
Record sheets for units other than ’Mechs − The intention is to cover all types of record sheet: not only BattleMechs but also ground vehicles, VTOLs, ProtoMechs, infantry, and so on. This hinges on working out how to make the program open different types of document window, however.
Localization in languages other than English ± Most of the necessary code is in place to allow localization, but only English is currently included. Weapon names cannot yet be localized, however.
Import Heavy Metal Pro files ? Heavy Metal Pro appears to use a binary file format which would take some effort to figure out, so this is not a high priority.
Print record sheets ? Perhaps the ability to print paper record sheets will be added as well, at some point—even though this kind of defeats the program's purpose.
Incorporate large-scale unit stats ? It may be useful to also add game statistics for BattleForce and/or Strategic Operations.
Ability to group ’Mechs into units ? This may be a good addition for larger games, but right now the focus is on implementing the primary functionality (keeping record sheets).
Quick Look plugin ? Getting a preview of a ’Mech's stats right in the Finder can be handy for finding the one you are looking for. This will probably be implementd by C³ generating the preview and storing it as an image inside the package for a Quick Look plugin to retrieve without that having to do any data processing itself.